October 3, 2018
Carolyn Harbert, owner of Wild Things Garden Shop in Homewood, will speak and do an arrangement.
Location:  Brownell Travel Agency Conference Center
Hostesses:  Susan Nading, Laurie Allen, Meg North

November 7, 2018
Dr. Samuel Gray, owner of Pinebloom Farms, will speak on blueberry production
Location:  Birmingham Botanical Gardens meeting room
Hostesses:  Betsy Allison, Mike Vann, Pat Gillespie, Ellen McWhorter

December 5, 2018
Leah Hazzard, floral arranger, will speak and give a demonstration.
Location: Mountain Brook Country Club
Hostesses:  Karen Chapman, Barbara Viar, Sally Worthen, Jane McFadden, Philippa Bainbridge, Gillian Goodrich

February 6, 2019
Cliff Spencer, owner of Alasaw, will speak.
Location: Maye Frei’s house
Hostesses:  Maye Frei, Mary French, Beverly Hoyt

March 6, 2019
Beth K. Stewart, Executive Director of Cahaba River Society, will speak.
Location:  Lyda White’s house
Hostesses:  Gail Rushton, Lucy Tutwiler, Lyda White

April 3, 2019
Plant Swap
Location:  Louise Wrinkle’s house
Hostesses: Louise Wrinkle, Kathy Park, Bama Mills, Katherine Shepherd

May 1, 2019
Molly Hendry, Garden Assessment Project Leader for Birmingham Botanical Gardens, will speak about her GCA Interchange Fellowship, and how it informs her current work at the BBG.
Location:  Libbo McCollum’s house
Hostesses:  Katie Lasker, Libbo McCollum, Sally Legg, Nonie Brown